Durable Execution With Restate

Developing modern applications that consist of multiple services and interact with different external systems is hard. Their distributed nature means you need to worry about all sorts of failure scenarios and race conditions. Wouldn't it be great if you could stop worrying about charging customers twice, users withdrawing more cash than they have, and selling a single ticket multiple times? In this session, we explain what Durable Execution is and how it solves these issues. We share ideas from Restate, a Durable Execution Engine that manages crucial aspects like reliable messaging, durable timers, failover, and consistent state. Restate implements low-latency Durable Execution with a partitioned command log powered by Rust.Join us for a live demo where we build a real-world application powered by Restate and see how tough problems and complicated architecture patterns are streamlined into a few lines of code.

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