Call for volunteers

The LambdaConf 2024 invites developers to help us with the organization and operation of the conference.
Be a volunteer!

Volunteering activities

  • Inviting speakers to participate in 2024
  • Coordinating and assisting speaker registration and travel details
  • Marketing the event to different online groups
  • Operating video equipment during the event
  • Setup and teardown at the event
  • Assisting with speaker and attendee registration
  • Manning the LambdaConf on-site swag store

VIP tickets

For all volunteers, LambdaConf provides:

  • free VIP tickets
  • a gift
  • a special appreciation dinner
  • lodging
  • travel assistance (when necessary)


The Call for Volunteers closes March 1st, 2024.
Be a volunteer!
Starting from: $500

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