LambdaConf - The Grand Hackathon Finale

About this event

Golem Cloud and Restate Hackathons at LambdaConf 2024 with Guest Presence From DBOS - FREE of Charge Attendance and Amazing Prizes!


As the curtains close on LambdaConf 2024, a grand finale awaits participants with not just one, but two dynamic hackathons: Golem Cloud and Restate Hackathons. These events provide the perfect platform for developers to transition from theoretical learning to hands-on application, creating real-world solutions in a scenic, inspiring environment.

Golem Cloud Sponsored Hackathon: Pushing the Limits with WebAssembly

Date and Location: May 8th, Estes Park, Colorado

About Golem: Golem is the world’s first open-source serverless cloud-native platform for invincible serverless workers. It is designed to execute your programs durably and invincibly to survive complications that occur due to the nature of cloud computing such as system updates, network split, configuration changes, and more. Powered by WebAssembly (WASM), Golem offers invincible workflow and actor execution, and automatic scalability. With built-in security and vendor neutrality, Golem empowers developers to build highly scalable systems with ease and confidence. Currently compatible with Rust, Go, C/C++, Python, Zig, Swift, JS, Grain, C#.

Read more about Golem and check the technical documentation.

Why Join?

Skill Enhancement: Work alongside the Golem Development Team, Creators, and LambdaConf’s stellar lineup of Speakers and Attendees

Innovation: Build your first application on the Golem Cloud, exploring its capabilities in handling durable computing challenges.

Prizes: Win exciting prizes like a top-of-the-line Alienware gaming monitor, tablets, and more.

Restate Sponsored Hackathon: Redefining Reliable Application Development

Date and Location: May 8th, Estes Park, Colorado

About Restate: Restate allows you to build modern reliable and scalable applications with ease. Almost any application is a distributed system, nowadays, since they are composed of different communicating components. With every component, the number of possible failure scenarios increases Network partitions, hardware failures, timeouts, race conditions, etc. Restate lets you write distributed applications that are resilient to these failures. It does this by providing a distributed, durable version of common building blocks (durable functions, RPCs, queues, promises, and timers, K/V state, and effects). For these building blocks, Restate handles failure recovery, idempotency, state, and consistency. This way, you can implement otherwise tricky patterns in a few lines of code without worrying about these concerns.

Find out more about Restate and check the docs here.

Why Join?

Community Connection: Engage with the creators of Restate and the vibrant LambdaConf community.

Practical Learning: Gain hands-on experience with Restate’s innovative features like durable functions and resilient distributed systems.

Prizes: Compete for amazing rewards including an iPad, headsets, and more.

Experience and Opportunities

Both hackathons promise a full day of immersive development from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, followed by judging and networking dinners. They are not just competitions but a celebration of innovation and community, set against the backdrop of Estes Park’s natural beauty.


  • 9:00 am introductory session to guide your creative process by Restate, Golem, and folks from DBOS.
  • 9:45 am-5:00 pm Full build day - bring your Golem and Restate apps ideas to life!
  • 6:00 pm -7 pm: Judging and winner announcement, followed by a recap of the event's highlights, and allocation of prizes.
  • 7 pm Hanging out for dinner with Participants in one of the Estes Park Restaurants (TBD)
  • We reserve the right to expand the hacking if needed.

DBOS as a Community Sponsor of the LambdaConf Hackathon!

Co-founded by Postgres creator, Mike Stonebraker, Databricks co-founder and CTO, Matei Zaharia, and a team of MIT and Stanford computer scientists, DBOS is on a mission to dramatically simplify the way cloud applications are built, deployed, and secured. It is the developer of DBOS Cloud, a transactional serverless computing platform, which is built on a unique stack, purpose-built for stateful serverless applications, making them fault-tolerant, simpler to build, less expensive to run, and more secure. Read more here.

DBOS is offering their product for FREE to all Hackathon winners. How cool is that!

Extended Impact

These hackathons are more than just coding competitions; they are a bridge connecting the insights from LambdaConf with practical, impactful tech creations. Participants will leave not only with new skills and potentially some great prizes but with enduring connections and groundbreaking project ideas that could influence their professional landscapes.


Extend your LambdaConf 2024 experience by participating in these hackathons. Whether you’re looking to delve into the potentials of WebAssembly with Golem Cloud or redefine application reliability with Restate, these hackathons offer unique avenues to apply your skills, connect with like-minded professionals, and potentially transform the tech landscape. Sign up today to secure your place in this innovative undertaking!

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