LambdaConf 2024

Multi-disciplinary Developer Conference
Estes Park, Colorado
may 4-5

sep 16-17 | Pre-Conf Weekend
may 6-7 | Main Conference
may 8
may 9-10
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Unchain your mind

LambdaConf returns in its first edition after the pandemic, reimagined as a multi-disciplinary developer conference featuring thought-provoking, entertaining, and mind-blowing talks and workshops that will forever change the way you write software.

main topics

While LambdaConf broadens its horizons in 2024, you will find plenty of content on functional programming, and move on to discover mind-expanding talks on new theory and practice behind the hottest and latest developments in software development.

Call for proposals
  • Functional Programming

    Languages, libraries, frameworks, theory, applications
  • Cloud Native

    Cloud infrastructure/ programming languages/ libraries/ frameworks
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Theory, LLMs, agents, transformers, AGI, recurrent neural networks
  • DevOps

    Nix, tools, cloud infrastructure, serverless

Functional Programming & Theory

FP paradigms and their impact on software development.

Well-known and new theory, including new advances in machine learning, computer science, mathematics, and category theory.


Unlock the true potential of the web with WebAssembly (WASM).

WASM is a powerful binary instruction format designed to drive high-performance applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Explore fundamental theories, Language Learning Machines (LLMs), advanced AI agents, and the emerging field of AGI.

Transformer models and recurrent neural networks' adaptability, applied in real-world scenarios.

Distributed Systems

Vital for building robust, scalable software. Navigate through theories, libraries, frameworks, and cloud services.

Discover the intricacies of software architecture and its practical applications.

Systems-level programming languages


Functional programming languages


New & emerging languages


Mainstream programming languages


conference features

This year LambdaConf will bring the distinctive features that made it famous, including a warm and inviting atmosphere.

All-original content from legends & fresh faces
Gourmet catering
Rocky Mountains Hike
Free child care
A unique fusion of topics from both research and industry
The most incredible conference swag ever created
Craft Beer tasting

LambdaConf Schedule

Detailed schedule
May 18-19
Pre-conf activities
may 20-21
Main conference
may 22
may 23-24
Free Rust Workshop

May 4-5 | Pre-conf activities

Start your LambdaConf experience with fun and engaging pre-conference activities.

Join us for craft beer tasting and hiking adventures, where you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow attendees in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

may 6-7 | Main conference

The main conference takes place on May 6-7, featuring thought-provoking talks, workshops, and panel discussions from industry leaders and experts.

Immerse yourself in learning and networking opportunities, and leave inspired and ready to tackle new challenges.

may 8 | Hackathon

LambdaConf Hackathon: API Challenge. A live, collaborative effort to transform APIs into extraordinary applications.

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may 9-10 | Rust Workshop - Free

Rust Programming Language Workshop by John A. De Goes. FREE for conference attendees!

Workshop details


Pretty sure LambdaConf was the best conference I've been to. Mentally challenging, engaging and made me excited to program (and learn) again.
LambdaConf was amazing. Thanks to all the organizing staff for working so hard. Packed with content, yet beginner friendly and welcoming.
Ah, an awesome LambdaConf! So much food for thought, going to be thinking about this for months. Amazing talks and workshops!
It's only my third conference ever, but LambdaConf has also had the best talks and workshops of the conferences I've been to.
LambdaConf was the best experience I've had at a conference. Thank you @jdegoes and everyone else for putting it together.
If you want hardcore programming content, this is the place to be. The advent of LLM like ChatGPT is going to change what it means to be a programmer. Come to this to stay relevant.
The Lovelace Enigma


Well-known for its organized activities such as hiking and craft beer tasting, LambdaConf 2024 introduces a new conference innovation called The Lovelace Enigma that is sure to become the most loved and talked about conference experience of 2024.

This is some text inside of a div block.

The Lovelace Enigma is a new kind of Escape Room for conference attendees, an engaging, immersive, and exciting puzzle crafted by this year’s Puzzle Master.

Attendees who want to participate will discover clues throughout activities and the conference itself.

Working together in self-organized teams, attendees will experience a magical journey through exciting topics in computer science, as they unravel the mystery of The Lovelace Enigma, and make new connections in the process.

The first team to solve the Lovelace Enigma receives a prize and a chance to share their journey with conference attendees.

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Unchain your mind at LambdaConf 2024

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