Swetha Salunke


Swetha Salunke leads a product team at AWS focused on DynamoDB. Swetha has more than a decade of experience in technical product management focused on cloud infrastructure and SaaS products. Swetha is passionate about addressing the representation gap in tech leadership roles. She has worked with multiple non-profits on building resources for career advancement of underrepresented individuals. Swetha has also led product training sessions and talks in multiple conferences. Swetha has an MBA from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

Kevin Willis

Event-driven serverless architecture with DynamoDB

This session delves into how Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda can help forge scalable, serverless event-driven architectures. Merging these powerful services enables developers to construct systems that are not only highly responsive but also resource-efficient and performance-optimized. The session will kick off with an introduction to both services, then transition to tangible case studies that demonstrate how to leverage DynamoDB and Lambda for serverless event-driven solutions. Participants will leave with a foundational grasp of DynamoDB and Lambda’s functionalities and insights on their integration within event-driven frameworks.

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