Steven Wittens


Use.GPU - Declarative/Reactive 3D Graphics

Steven Wittens

Every time a client requests 3D graphics, the speaker often finds themselves explaining that they can fulfill the request, but it will take a specific number of weeks and no one in-house will be able to maintain it. This predicament led to the creation of Use.GPU, a Typescript library designed for driving WebGPU.

Use.GPU capitalizes on familiar web patterns such as JSX and escalates them, sometimes quite remarkably, to establish a declarative and reactive programming model. The model is realized with Live, a React-inspired runtime that employs a memoized effect system. The entire program is constructed as if a single frame is all that's needed. Then, to facilitate animation and interactivity, it selectively rewinds and reruns segments of itself. It might seem eccentric, but it effectively accomplishes its objectives.

In this talk, the speaker will delve into the workings of this system, its connection to classic effect systems, and the valuable insights gained throughout its construction.

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