Devops Goes Promptastic

May 7, 2024 11:00 AM

The session will try to unleash the power of AI in the DevOps journey spread across 4 stages mainly: design, development, deployment, and monitoring. The session will take the audience through these 4 stages using live demos and demonstrate how GenAI can be used there. The session aims to be interactive with the audience, guiding them through the 4 stages of the DevOps cycle:

Design and Development - This part begins with a question to the audience, followed by how the problem can be solved using a simple UI, and how it can be addressed using GenAI with Bard. This includes the use of the LangChain Framework and the Vertex PALM API, focusing on models like text-bison-001 and chat-bison-001.

Code Reviewing - There will be a special call-out and demo on how chatgpt/bard AI bots can assist in code reviews. A PR will be raised in front of the audience, and comments will be observed.

Deployment Pipelines - The session will feature a simulation recorded video showing how GenAI can be used in creating code and pipelines for infrastructure provisioning.

Monitoring and Log Analysis - A real-world log analysis of webserver logs will be conducted in front of the audience, illustrating the current workflow versus the improvements brought by GenAI.

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