CoSy : APL Evolved As An Open Vocabulary In Forth

CoSy is an environment for the everyday business of life in an open Forth vocabulary evolving and greatly simplified from APL via K without loss of expressive power and with unmatchable flexibility  . CoSy is a notebook environment in which the difference between simply making a note , inserting a timestamp , or executing a line in CoSy , the language in which the environment itself is written , is just the difference between tapping ` Enter or a function key .Ken Iverson's APL evolved from the notation of array algebra , and Chuck Moore's Forth , the minimal vocabulary to get from the chip to a dictionary capable of extending itself are the human and machine poles of computing language . Both are intrinsically interactive and motivated by extreme simplicity in their domains . Programming in each is a matter of defining words , vocabulary , not complex programs , in which to ultimately succinctly express  the tasks required .At the Forth , hardware , level CoSy's ` objects are lists with a 3 cell header : `( Type Count refCount )` where ` refCount handles memory management , freeing the list upon return-to-zero .  ` Type 0 is a general list , ie: list of lists . Indexing is modulo .CoSy has a large vocabulary built upon the APL level for common tasks like sorting , finding , slicing and selecting , and the accounting for which APL is known . For instance converting a .csv file to a list of lists , ie: vector , database takes just a line , as are most definitions .The business plan is to polish some ` teky level irritations , like genericizing number input and math operations , and replacing the development GUI with standard browser interface to enable CoSy ` WebSpaces to be offered as an SaaS .

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