Ajay Chankramath

Ajay Chankramath
Ajay Chankramath

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Leveraging Metrics And Generative AI: A Core Platform Approach To Developer Bliss

Developer experience (DX) is the cornerstone of modern software development success. Yet, optimizing DX can feel like chasing shadows – elusive and intangible. In this talk, Ajay will present a revolutionary approach to tackling this challenge, one that merges Thoughtworks' proven core platform engineering principles with the cutting-edge power of developer experience metrics and generative AI.

He will demystify the magic of DX metrics, showcasing how Thoughtworks pinpoints pain points and measures progress through objective data. Forget relying on intuition – let concrete indicators like DORA Lagging metrics, Platform value metrics, SPACE metrics as well as leading metrics such as code churn guide your improvement efforts.

When you develop software in 2024, you should imagine a world where AI automatically suggests code completions, identifies bottlenecks, and generates documentation. Ajay will also cover how generative AI can streamline workflows, automate tedious tasks, and empower developers to focus on what matters most. Metrics and AI are powerful tools, but their true value lies in the foundation on which they're built. He will explore the core platform engineering principles that guide our approach, principles that ensure sustainability, scalability, and long-term DX improvement across the five different planes.

Join to discover:

- How actionable metrics illuminate DX roadblocks.
- The transformative power of generative AI in the developer workflow.
- Core platform engineering principles for sustainable DX success.

Leave this talk equipped with a practical framework for leveraging data and AI to create a developer paradise within your organization. Get ready to witness the dawn of a new era, where DX isn't just a buzzword, but a measurable, achievable reality.

Beyond Metrics: Orchestrating Developer Delight With AI-Driven Platform Engineering

Industry-standard platform metrics tools are great, but in the age of Generative AI, we need to level up. Imagine a world where AI-powered platform capabilities seamlessly integrate with your Engineering Platform, boosting developer productivity while ensuring security and compliance in a fully autonomous manner. This talk presents just that, showcasing how you can build a central portal as part of your engineering platform that democratizes access to secure, domain-specific AI tools and accelerates learning through shared prompts and expertise.

Key Takeaways:

Shift the Paradigm by moving beyond simply measuring developer experience (DX) to actively improving it with purpose-built GenAI capabilities.

Explore the benefits of a portal by discovering how a central hub streamlines access, governance, and visibility for emerging AI tools, fostering rapid adoption and learning.

Orchestrate success by learning how to map your product roadmap strategically to key platform engineering principles as well as to foundational GenAI capabilities, ensuring impactful, practical use cases.

Apply Platform Engineering Principles by uncovering the essential tenets of effective platform engineering, from workload assessment to cultural shifts, driving developer efficiency and platform value.

Target Audience:

Engineering leaders and practitioners eager to leverage AI for improved DX

Platform engineering enthusiasts seeking innovative approaches to platform building

Anyone curious about the intersection of AI, platform engineering, and developer success

Join Ajay on this journey to reimagine the developer experience! Learn how you can leverage AI and platform engineering principles to empower developers and unlock unparalleled efficiency. Let's spark a conversation about the future of platform engineering and collaboratively chart the path towards developer bliss.

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