Martin Förtsch

Martin Förtsch
Martin Förtsch

Thomas Endres

The Future Of AI Is Now - Innovations And Real-World Applications

What can Artificial Intelligence achieve? Martin and Thomas will explore this question in their presentation, examining whether AI is merely an overhyped buzzword or the key technology of the future.

They will take the audience on a journey through the world of Artificial Intelligence, its architecture, and a series of live demonstrations that add to the entertaining experience. They will delve into real-world business applications of AI, with practical examples demonstrating how AI technologies are successfully implemented in various industries.

Their demonstrations will include neural networks generating art, real-time deepfakes, an NLP chatbot, and an AI that generates social media comments. Furthermore, Martin and Thomas will showcase how these technologies are not just theoretical concepts but are actively transforming businesses today. By presenting real business cases, they will provide a glimpse into the tangible impacts of AI in enhancing customer experiences and solving complex problems.

This talk is designed to provide a balanced view of Artificial Intelligence, illustrating its potential as a transformative technology, both in theory and in practice.

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